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New m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel
« on: March 16, 2017, 06:31:35 AM »
Ever wish you could play m3u playlists on your Roku? Now you can with this awesome new Roku channel!

m3u playlists are just a text file that contain links to various live TV streams of channels that are often found on the Internet. They can be also links to mp4 video files of movies or TV shows as well.

Now it is easy to play m3u playlists directly on your Roku.

First Add the m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel Below
If you have the old private beta channel, it no longer works and you will be directed to install this channel.

Add m3u Playlist Player Channel

Find m3u Playlists - Here is where you can find them

You can even build your own m3u playlists. Roku Channels like cCloud, channel PEAR, XTV and Nowhere TV all use m3u playlists for their content.

Once you have your m3u playlist just add the link to your m3u Playlist Player channel on your Roku.

It helps if you are using a public playlist to first shorten it with a link shortener like so you won't need to type a massively long playlist URL into your Roku m3u Playlist Player.

Turn Off Those Annoying m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel Ads

This app plays the same ads over and over again every time you change a channel. This will drive you nutz in a very short time.

UPDATE: Developer is working on a new version that will limit these ads and some other cool features. Right now there are only 5 ads, that play every time you close and open the channel. Future version will only play 10 to 15 ads in a 24 hour period.

Here is a tip that has worked for some and will turn off these ads.

On your Roku Main Screen go to: Settings/System/Privacy then check Limit Ad Tracking, then reset advertising identifier.

To get the most out of this great new Roku channel, be sure use our custom m3u search engine to help you find and build your own m3u playlists.

TIP: The old private beta channel is no longer working for some. If going from this private beta channel to the new public channel, be sure to write down your m3u links or you will lose them.

Have fun and happy m3u hunting. ;)
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